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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

juan francisco casas

Juan Francisco Casas

I was re-creating linkage, and added several artists. Kimberly Brooks I’ve written of. Juan Francisco Casas I have not.

One of the tests for me of great art, art that to me is great, is a test of time.

Picasso said, roughly, if you want a painting to disappear, hang it on a wall. [1] My own work – if I live with a painting for a time and it disappears, it may be very good, but for me personally it is not great.   If that time passes and I still look with the same wonder and see new things in it, then it is great art. To me.  I’m not sure the judgement of a museum or time or history is as valid as that personal connection.  I’m pretty sure some great artists are remembered, and also very certain that there are many more who were NOT conserved, whose work was and is treasured, but never became known or valued.   Hell, look at what we dig up from past civilizations – or even everyday objects that are isolatedly beautiful.

I ran across an article on Juan Casas perhaps five months ago.  Hmm, nice stuff, great idea, very interesting.  Move along, nothing more to see.

A couple of days later, I remembered the images. I found Casas’s website.  Very nice stuff.

I’ve found the images stay with me.  They stand at least this much test of time.  They are compelling.  Not just the blue ball point medium, the images, the photographs he choses to work with.  He is capturing the look of a generation of time, quick snapshots of a digital existence.  Snapshots from the sixties have a definitive look, black and white from the forties and fifties another distinctive caste, and kodachrome from the fifties, oh boy.

political views, work from Juan Casas

In searching for the source, the Daily Mail article I originally saw, I found hundreds of articles – it seems many, many other people think well of this work too. I would consider this the kind of work that would only with difficulty for me disappear when hung on a wall, and would compel me to look at the images again and again.  Classic.  Great art.

It has for me a personal connection.  I loved drawing and shading with Parker Ball Jotters when I was growing up.  I had tried Papermate, BIC, Schaeffer.  I am left-handled.  If you are not, you don’t know how critical it is that the ink dry before your hand passes over it.  Many many pens, BIC especially, smear and quickly turn your little finger a deep blue on the side… Parker ink dried quickly, and had a softer blue at the time than the rest of the pens.  It made a very clean, crisp line, causing contours in shading to stand out.  I might not have had access to art supplies all the time, but I could always draw and sketch on plain white paper with a blue ball pen.

It’s not the medium that will be timeless.  It’s the images.

— spence

[1]The exact quote is from Picasso In His Words edited by Wakabayashi, pg. 6 at the second paragraph: “If you want to kill a picture,” Picasso once said, “all you have to do is to hang it beautifully on a nail and soon you will see nothing of it but the frame.”  go back to article

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