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"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."
― Georgia O'Keeffe

muse-ic: Halie Loren

Halie Loren

Halie Loren’s voice is ethereal, deep, classic, classical, sensual, soothing and jarring in turns.

I was listening to Aaron Neville, who feels the lyrics and then expresses that feeling directly in the gestures of his voice, many that do not follow the tune, but create rhythm or space in a way that works. Halie does this too. Brilliant stuff.


— spence



  1. Thanks for your kind and insightful comments — they are much appreciated! Halie finished work on her next album last month, and it will be released in Japan on June 19, with a U.S./Canada release somewhat later in the summer, date still TBD. I worked on it with her, and I can tell you I am genuinely excited about this one…it will be called Simply Love. I’ve been browsing your site and have to tell you I am inspired and impressed by your work…beautiful stuff. I will share it with Halie. Oh, and I see you lived in Oregon for awhile! Did you ever get over to Eugene?

    • My father completed his Phd and had his first teaching job at University of Oregon in Eugene. I remember falling out of the tree in our front yard and landing on grass wet with the (frequent) rain. I loved it.

      Thank you for looking at my site and I appreciate the complement to my painting. I listen to music including a lot of jazz and vocal work, and Halie’s work is a rare find – a voice and a styling and a love for the music that makes it new to listen to each time. Like a painting that you hang on a wall – many disappear in the background of the life around them, some are rediscovered, newly, and you see new things in them each time you see them. They never disappear into the wall.

      I look forward to “Simply Love” and thank you for the comment.

      — spence

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