Paintings from Sunset Series by Spence Munsinger, Color Field + Blank White Canvas + Realism + Contemporary Abstract Art, original paintings for sale

"Seek the strongest color effect possible… the content is of no importance."
― Henri Matisse

Painting-a-Day… Or not. 365 Paintings.




The game would be to complete, write about and offer for auction one painting each day. That’s the concept.

<p.It's been valuable as hell to look at painting from the viewpoint of targeting a specific production. It has meant focus, streamlining the time spent making art to result in more work completed. It forced me to look in detail at the ritual and process I follow right now to produce paintings that work for me as art. To make faster where possible, but also to dig in in my own mind and refuse to change that which is important to making the art I want to make.

I could certainly produce a painting a day each and every day, but if I measure only against that, and not also against the quality of communication and emotion that is why art has impact and importance, none of those paintings-in-a-day matter.

I looked at tools and process and I found some changes that work. The multiple easel panel works. So does the single tripod easel for working through an individual painting where more isolated attention and focus is needed to bring a painting through to the other side and completion.

I also looked at Painting-a-Day practitioners, for style and content and consistency. There is some beautiful work being done daily. It’s direct, it’s detailed and it follows process that fits within Painting A Day.

What am I doing as a painter, and what is part of that ritual and process and what is not? Where can I make streamlined and efficient without affecting that, and where does it break for me if changed at all?

If Painting-A-Day is the intention to produce a painting a day but not necessarily the actuality, or if Painting-A-Day is painting every day, but not necessarily a completed painting each and every day, cool. But, I don’t think it is, really. That’s not what it says it is. Both measure a day against a clock and not against the work itself, and if the work takes longer, then it fails to meet that test. So… Instead of making time the delimiting power, and falling short with paintings NOT showing up against that external measure, how about counting a year as 365 paintings… Outside of the time click of the clock.

My next “year” will be 365 paintings long. Each “day”, at the end, I will have a painting. Period. The day does not end without that. Thus, a Painting, a Day.




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