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"We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth..."
― Pablo Picasso

new lightbox plugin and Opera and IE work

I replace the light box plugin with this version that works without throwing secure and non-secure item errors in Internet Explorer.

This version sets an absolute position in the lightbox.css file – therefore it also resolved the Opera web browser positioning error. This one change fixes both issues.

— spence


NOTE 20081001 Wednesday:

It’s back. This seems to be lightbox plugin – if you load the page in firefox 3, and go to tools -> page info -> media, you can find the images loading incorrectly by looking for “http”. The errant images are loaded by lightbox. I have NOT fixed this as yet, at some point it will come back up and I’ll work through it.

— munsinger

IE errors… sigh. and Opera.


image of ie error

With the new site design comes a new set of problems. I worked on screen resolution errors over the weekend. Now on trying Internet Explorer 6 I get the above error. Very annoying. I have a checklist for resolving it – this isn’t a certificate issue, at least, this is a request issue. Some part of the page loads from an http (non-secure) source, the trick is finding it, and it may be an internal page error from Internet Explorer itself – Internet Explorer considers its own error to be insecure. Possibly that’s right…

It is about as annoying as Microsoft Vista asking every second task “Do you want to allow this access?”

In Mozilla Firefox none of this occurs. I’ll try and fix it anyway, but ideally you would be using Firefox and never see this at all.

firefox logo firefox.

The checklist is…

  • Change all http:// resource links to https://. The doctype is not a problem. All others (images, css, javascripts, iframe pages) should be https://.
  • Change all about:blank links (yep, these are unsecure) to a blank file that exists and is a https:// link.
  • Install Fiddler and check if there are any hidden requests to http:// (it won�t show https:// requests with the default setting). Change them to https://
  • Check if any iframes have # for src or the src is left blank. Change them to something that is a https:// link and exists. Looks like # is actually an alias to about:blank.
  • Find any resources that return an error. This one is tricky since it�s not really easy to set up an SSL proxy. Try checking the server�s access logs.

This should be an interesting problem – none of the obvious code requests an insecure piece…� Hopefully I’ll have this resolved in a day or so.

On testing Opera 9.5 I found that the front page text widget won’t load the gallery effect (lightbox) – however – the painting and photography pages allow this to work perfectly… More javascript and xhtml code delving.�� “View page source” is your friend.

opera logoOpera.

— spence

-UPDATE 20080707 Monday –

Opera, anyway, is a positioning problem – the lightbox effect is centered on the WHOLE page, not just the visible portion.� It works in all pages, but the initial front� page buries the effect in the center of the entire web page – if you scrolled down about four screens, there it would be. The paintings.html� page is short enough to show the lightbox effect vertically centered – where the index/front page shown vertically centered is useless. �At least that problem is defined…

The secure non-secure error is a bit tougher – using fiddler in https proxy mode, NONE (really, none) of the connections made are insecure, there aren’t any missing images, no errors that should cause mixed secure/ non-secure content.� However – if I turn the lightbox plugin (javascript that enables gallery effect) off, the error disappears…� Turn it back on – the errors reappear… so somewhere in that plugin there is the creation of and actual non-secure item or the apparency of such a creation.� Very interesting.

And – disabling lightbox plugin and enabling slimbox (similar effect, but the transition effect isn’t quite as clean) removes the errors as well.� New checklist…

  • check for opera positioning fix for lightbox effect (in this case slimbox behaves just as badly in the browser).
  • go through lightbox plugin and if possible remove the non-secure item call
  • test other versions of the lightbox plugin to see if they throw the secure/non-secure error in Internet Explorer
  • other versions of this effect until resolved