Paintings from Sunset Series by Spence Munsinger, Color Field + Blank White Canvas + Realism + Contemporary Abstract Art, original paintings for sale

"What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house."
― Edward Hopper

Venice CA, Sunset No. 8

sunset 08

30″ x 24″, acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas
©2011 spence munsinger

The original painting is 30″ x 24″ x 1.5″, acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas.

Fine Art Print, 30″ x 24″, “Sunset 8 | Venice”.    See About Prints

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Two photos were references for the painting

Sunset 8 | Venice, original painting by Spence Munsinger, photo reference

Venice, photo #1

Sunset 8 | Venice, original painting by Spence Munsinger, photo reference

Venice, photo #2

Several people who have lived in Los Angeles and know this beach have spotted this as Venice, even with the artistic changes in the view. There’s a point in the painting process where whatever the photographs have to give, they have given, and the painting proceeds beyond any reference to the photographs at all. This painting did that fairly early on. Most of the painting was in making the path and trees and sky work together.

This painting is the only one I’ve placed on new supports, new stretchers – one of the original supports broke in an accident in the studio. I replaced the stretcher frame with a new one, but handling a painting with a gallery-wrap canvas, painted through the edges, and getting it onto new supports without damage was careful work.


New Work:: "Butterfly Beach"

Butterfly Beach, acrylic on canvas, ©2012 by Spence Munsinger




New Work:: "Off State Street"

Off State Street, acrylic on canvas, 30




New Work:: "Boards by the Path"

painting, Boards by the Path, acrylic on canvas, ©2012 by Spence Munsinger




two boards by the path – in-progress

This painting is at the stage where I am watching for things to add/change and not yet changing it – very close to done.

It is from a moment on Hendry’s Beach just down from the restaurant, walking down the path toward the sand to photograph a classic sunset in Santa Barbara, and spotting these two surfboards just catching the light and just off the path.

two boards by the path


In Progress | Sunset 11

airbrush underpainting. moon in the last vestiges of sunset.

sunset 11 IP

— spence